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With the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the topic of ESG is taking center stage in all member states and companies are under a lot more scrutiny about the truthfulness of their sustainability claims. Verification of a company´s sustainability statements by an accredited third party is a good way to strengthen the brand and rise the competitiveness.

This is why Mazars in Croatia partnered up with VERIFY Agency from Sweden accredited by Swedac, Sweden's national accreditation body, to verify companies’ claims according to the international sustainability standard ISO26000. Through this partnership, we will provide companies in this region with an opportunity to go through the process of verification of their ISO26000 Self-Declaration and ensure more transparency of their sustainability work. Through this process they will also get guidance on their sustainability journey.

Validate your sustainability work through verification of your IS026000 Self-Declaration. In this way, you become transparent and trustworthy, which strengthens your competitiveness and contributes to the future success of your organization.

ISO26000 is an international standard that represents guidelines for corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The Self-Declaration is related to the fact that ISO26000 provides guidance rather than requirements, so it cannot be certified against. Instead, organizations can choose to verify the Self-Declaration and thereby ensure transparency and trustworthiness of their sustainability work.

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ISO26000 Self-Declaration

The Self-Declaration guides companies and organizations in their sustainability work through questions with a clear connection to ISO26000 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Organisations can choose to verify the Self-Declaration and thereby ensure transparency and trustworthiness of their sustainability work.

Companies and organisations may decide to publish the Self-Declaration on their website, and thereby also be transparent with their sustainability work. In order for it to be more credible though, it needs to be verified.

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Benefits of a 3rd party verification

By getting verified by a 3rd party you show transparency within your company’s sustainability work and you become credible to your stakeholders. 

If you in addition decide to become verified by an accredited third party, for example by hiring Mazars and the VERIFY agency, you become even more reliable. By showing this commitment, you strengthen your brand, increase your competitiveness and attract new talent.

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