Interview with Michaela Oberman

We asked Michaela Oberman, ambassador of the Gen You campaign, to tell us more about her experience working in Audit.

What is Gen You, the campaign in which you are one of the ambassadors?

Gen You is a global Mazars campaign that represents a new generation of auditors who, with the help of innovation, connection, and concern for society as a whole, bring work in the field of audit to a new level.

From "Lov na praksu“ to filming the Gen You campaign in London - briefly tell us about your journey.

After "Lov na praksu“, I won a one-month paid internship in the audit department, and that's how my education and work in this field began. We started work slowly and it was only then that I understood what audit was. In the beginning, it seemed scary, especially for an inexperienced person like me, everyone throws around terms that you don't know and everything moves so quickly, but that period lasts for the first week, and after a few days everything starts falling into its place, you learn a lot and you are always surrounded by helpful colleagues. Through audit, you have the opportunity to meet various industries, from Energy to IT companies, and therefore also people from whom you can learn a lot. You quickly get used to the pace and the way the business works.

As for London… it's one of the best experiences I've ever had. In addition to the tourist part and entertainment, I got to know the business part of London as well as colleagues from London, New York, and Paris. The filming was relaxed, but also professional, and after work, we had time to see London and hang out. From joint dinners to going to a musical. A great opportunity to meet people who do the same job, but in another country, and at the same time get advice on efficiency and way of working in their office.

Michaela in the Gen You campaign:

What are the biggest advantages of working in audit and what do you like most about your job? On the other hand, what are the challenges and how do you overcome them?

What I like most about my job are the people I work with and the team spirit that audit has. Every day we come across some challenge and our colleagues are always there to help and find a solution. Whoever is currently in the office, from managers, partners to juniors, will always take the time to go through the problem with you and try to give you advice. There is always a positive atmosphere and you have the opportunity to start real friendships. Some other advantages are that we often travel (within the Republic of Croatia, not really to London :P), so the work is very dynamic and you have the opportunity to make acquaintances in various fields. On the other hand, there are also challenges, sometimes it is difficult to balance private obligations and work, especially when the season starts, but then the main virtue of an auditor is revealed - organization :). Also, it is a stressful and responsible job, but the amount of knowledge and experience you get in return makes up for it.

What are your 3 tips for Gen You?

Be brave - when start looking for a job the experience that the employer looks for might be intimidating, but keep in mind that who you are as a person and how you will fit into his team is more important to the employer. For young people from college, great knowledge and experience are not expected, but if you have the will to learn you will quickly fit in and learn all the necessary things.

Make an effort - it's important to make a positive impression, especially at the beginning, learn extra outside of work and take your tasks seriously.

Understanding what you are doing - especially in audit, in my opinion, is the most important thing, if something is not clear it is okay to ask colleagues for clarification more than once. In this way, you better connect tasks and expand your knowledge, and very quickly you reach the level where you also help younger colleagues.

You are the bearer of the slogan "Ready to push boundaries not pens?" as part of the Gen You campaign, what does it mean to you and what message does it give to young people?

In everyday life, you constantly need to step out of your comfort zone in order to meet new opportunities and acquaintances that you should take advantage of.

Finally, you are the ambassador of the campaign in Croatia, what would you say about yourself, are you the embodiment of Gen You?

I think I am a communicative and organized person, both of which are an advantage of this job. Every day we are in communication with clients or at business meetings where it is important to know how to approach the situation and communicate with the client. In terms of organization, as I said before, it is necessary to find a good work-life balance, and on the other hand, carry out your tasks and deadlines. Working in audit has certainly changed me, you learn to deal with challenges and stress, accept responsibility, and how to manage independently in various situations. I'm at the beginning of my career so there are many things I can improve and learn to better overcome the challenges.

Applications are now open for the "Audit Internship Program“ and the "Lov na praksu 2023.“ What is your experience and why should students apply?

As someone who participated in the "Lov na praksu“, I can say that any form of an internship is a great opportunity for students. From my experience, I had the opportunity to see what the Mazars office looks like, the dress code of the employees, the atmosphere and culture in the office, and get to know the daily business tasks in practice. Maybe it sounds funny now, but for the person who enters the building of the future employer for the first time, it is all new and interesting.

Also, you have the opportunity to make acquaintances, get to know colleagues from your college and hear first-hand what a certain department does and how people progressed to their positions. At the same time, you can see what direction you are interested in and how you manage teamwork with unknown people (which is waiting for you for the rest of your career :)). That is why, regardless of the choice of Program or competition, it is a valuable opportunity to gain experience and start your career while still a student.