ESG health check

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental, social, and governance considerations

Sustainability is a journey: no business model can change overnight. To build a sustainability strategy, it is first necessary to identify the main challenges you will face with your organization's existing business model.

Identifying these challenges is part of the process of setting well thought out goals and plans, but it is only part of the journey. We will help you identify the main aspects of your ESG journey, where we believe in a personalized approach. We will adapt our support to your needs depending on the results of the Health Check questionnaire.

ESG Health Check

What is ESG Health Check?

For companies just starting their ESG journey, our ESG Health Check is an effective tool to help them get started, as it provides an assessment of the current state and status of the minimum regulatory and social requirements of your business. For those companies that want to place sustainability at the center of their business, develop strategy and business models aligned with ESG criteria, Health Check represents the first step of a wider process by identifying those ESG topics that are most significant for your organization.

The results of your online questionnaire will be compiled together with the insights and reference data needed for a personalized action plan formulated to address the gaps. We'll also guide you to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that make your business the most successful.

What is the value to you?

You will be awarded with "ESG awareness" accreditation - by completing the ESG Health Check you will receive a recognized sustainability awareness accreditation, delivered by Mazars in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Using the ESG Health Check tool, you will receive a plan proposal with defined activities that will enable you to plan your further ESG journey.

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