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What is external payroll?

Payroll is generally one of more complex and sensitive tasks influenced by several laws and regulations which are frequently changed. Because of that, but also because of some other advantages, more and more employers decide to outsource payroll to an external vendor.

Mazars team specialized in external payroll services takes care of the entire payroll process by applying the highest professional and quality standards: collecting and processing data, submitting forms to the Tax Administration, preparing files for payment and accounting entries, all in accordance with applicable laws and best practices.

The advantages of external payroll are many and employers can focus on their core business.

What does the service include?

  1. Agreement with the client on procedures, deadlines, responsibilities, methods, etc.
  2. Initial entry of employee data, taking over previous months' payroll, test payroll runs.
  3. Calculation of salary and other taxable incomes from employment (benefits in kind, bonuses, reimbursments, refunds, etc.); preparation and delivery of payslips, payment orders, delivery of JOPPD forms, corrections via SNU, etc.
  4. Additional services: posted workers (inbound or outbound); calculation of other income, income from capital; HR admin services (registration / deregistration, preparation of employment contracts based on templates, monitoring vacation days and other records, bank certificates, etc.).
  5. Occasional consultations and more complex advisory (tax, accounting, financial).


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