Interview - tips for the selection process

Ružica Marta from Marketing has some good advices on how to make the selection process easier and be fully prepared for new challenges and increase your chances of employment.

Which person's profile is "the right fit" for Mazars?

Ružica Marta: First of all, we are looking for energetic and responsible people who want to work on themselves, always want more and learn from older colleagues and everyday business challenges. Getting out of the comfort zone is a common situation and for almost every position it is necessary to be an open person, who has his own attitude, and likes to help other colleagues as much as learn from them. The profile of successful candidates for our team is not universal, but it is important for us to click.

What are the tips and tricks during the selection process?

Ružica Marta: Be yourself from the beginning! Through the selection process, our goal is to get to know you, but we also encourage you to get to know us - be sure to research us well before coming! Pay attention to our culture and whether you see yourself in it as a member of the Mazars team. Before joining Mazars, be sure that you want to work on yourself, educate yourself and grow up together with us.

Mazars office

What are the tips for starting a career and getting greater success?

Ružica Marta: In addition to the qualities of the person herself and the will to learn and develop in a certain department, it is also important to have solid foundations in the field for which you are applying. Be curious and try everything that interests you, don't limit yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes. As for your first serious job, think about the culture of the society you're considering. You would be surprised how important this element is to your job satisfaction. And be sure to invest in personal development, your friends and other interests besides work.

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