Little lighthouse

Mazars is a partner of the Little Lighthouse project

For many years, Mazars has supported the Little Lighthouse, a project that is looking for the best employees, tells their unique stories and shares examples of those who contribute to a better society through their work and dedication.

Mali svjetionik

Objectives of the project

  1. Encourage another perspective of thinking
  2. To draw attention to all employees, regardless of their seniority and industry, who are especially trying in their daily work
  3. Show that we value employees and true values
  4. To reward at least one person who has touched others with their efforts

We believe in the importance of all people, both small and large. If they promote the values of honesty and hard work in any way, their story deserves to be told!

Find out more about the project and this year's candidates on the Little Lighthouse web.

Mali svjetionik 2022

Photo: awarding of the Little Lighthouse 2023 award.