CEE Design Sprint: how to learn faster and collaborate smarter

We are sure that you have probably read about, heard of, been in or even run this type of framework, that Jake Knapp invented back in 2010 – Design Sprint. In his book „Sprint: How to solve problems and test new ideas in just five days”, Jake mentioned that magic happens when we use big whiteboards to solve problems, because „as humans, our short-term memory is not all that good, but our spatial memory is awesome.” and, from experience, we couldn’t agree more.

In the last years, many organisations have adopted this idea, as a tool for innovation and problem-solving, and within the CEE region, our primary goal was to create a forward-thinking team of people, that can further shape the culture of Mazars and become Innovation Ambassadors.

Project timeline

Steps innovation

Therefore, in September, a team of 25 colleagues from 11 different countries of Central & Easter Europe region have been involved in 8 online workshops, where they had to work on ambitious challenges in the areas of automation and internal communication using a variety of problem-solving methods and tools such as the Miro board. From getting to know what the framework is all about and why it became an unique tool, to gaining an emphatic understanding of the problem and defining it, to then continue with creating ideas and prototypes, and finishing with testing them, our Mazarians have learned to make critical decisions, focus and work towards something realistic, consider all perspectives and ask for feedback, and identify if their ideas are creating value on the long run.

On behalf of Mazars in Croatia, Irena Peti, an assistant from the Marketing & Business Development department, and Juraj Borić, an assistant and expert from the Tax Consulting, participated in the project. They have adopted interesting and useful methods and tools in the field of internal communication and automation and are looking forward to participating in future projects and workshops aimed at improving everyday business together with other colleagues.