CEE Italian Desk

We provide services to Italian companies investing or wishing to invest in the CEE and also to local companies looking to invest in Italy.

Thanks to the cooperation between our Italian and Centre Eastern European offices (around 1.200 professionals), and the coordination of the native Italian manager seated in Czech Republic, Mazars Italian Desk CEE was founded.

Mazars Italian Desk CEE brings to the market customized approach typical for Italian individual office combined with the strength and the experience of an international company and is able to provide it's clients customized and personalized advisory solutions for all services offered by Mazars globally. 

The Mazars Italian Desks CEE are located in Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Croatia and Albania. 

Through our technical excellence combined with daily personal commitment, we deliver tailor made solutions.

We provide services for listed or large corporate companies, small medium sized enterprises, public bodies, and owners managed business or a private individual. 

We offer customized solutions for all needs and requirements:

  • Audit
    For Mazars Audit goes beyond the simple audit. To give an opinion on the regularity and reliability of financial information sent to financial markets and to all the stakeholders of the company, it is a matter of trust.
  • Internal control & risk management/Controllo interno & risk management
    The globalized environment of these last years paved the way to new forms of companies ‘organizations: the ‘extended company’. Shared services, subsidiaries, outsourcing, relocations, … all these events increase the need for right valuations and guarantee of performances, in favour of shareholders and transparency.
  • Tax services / Consulenza fiscale
    The tax issue is always a top priority. Our team of tax experts can offer either ad hoc solutions for specific situations or a management of the aspects and strategies of the tax issue on a long term prospect.
  • Valuation / Valutazioni
    Mazars is fully licensed to carry out appraisal activities.
  • Accounting and payroll / Contabilità e paghe
    Our experts in accounting can manage both easy daily routine and complex issues.
  • Transaction advisory services / Transazioni
    We will advise and help the clients during all the business transactions (divestments, acquisitions, etc.).

What we do

  • We support Italian companies to take advantage of economic opportunities on CEE market as well as local companies to get into the complicate fiscal and bureaucratic Italian system.
  • We understand both national and Italian markets, regulations and practices.
  • We are able to support the client in each Country, in Italy or wherever he is, and from the global perspective, because a part of worldwide professional service firm.  


  • Individual approach.
  • Focus on clients needs.
  • Promptness.
  • Documentation in Italian language. (upon request)
  • High flexibility.
  • Networking and international cooperation.
  • Flexible, competitive and transparent fee structure.
  • Advisory customized to Italian problematic. 

Our team in CEE


Mazars Italian Desk 11_2016

Mazars Italian Desk 11_​2016