Covid-19 economic AID measures: ESIF loans for working capital Financing

Due to COVID-19 challenges and related economic aid measures proposed by Croatian Government, HAMAG-BICRO allowed companies to apply for an ESIF loan for working capital.

The differences compared to the current ESIF micro loans program for working capital (financing amount from EUR 1 000 to EUR 25 000) are:

  • significantly less documentation required - shortening the time required to prepare a request
  • lower interest rates
  • extended grace period
  • possibility to settle invoices incurred up to 3 months before the loan application is received



The primary objective of the instrument is to provide current liquidity, primarily necessary for:

  • financing current liabilities arising from business activities (employees, suppliers…)
  • working capital financing for the smooth production process
  • retaining existing employees

Financing of the costs of:

  • material and other production costs
  • employees
  • business premises lease and cost of utilities
  • other general expenses

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Mazars_COVID-19_Economic aid measures_ESIF loans.pdf

Mazars_​COVID-19_​Economic aid measures_​ESIF loans.pdf