For companies to succeed in the 21st century, sustainability and social responsibility must be at the heart of their business model.

Sustainable and responsible business practices, known as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), help organisations efficiently manage risks, increase profit, reduce costs and improve their reputation and branding.

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Increasingly, key business stakeholders, including clients, employees, suppliers and investors, have been paying attention to these parameters and making decisions based on how your business approaches ESG issues.

Our approach

At Mazars, we believe that profit generation and sustainable business are not in conflict. We can help you with your corporate social responsibility strategy from its design and implementation to the issuance of your Sustainability Report and its audit.

Based on your needs, we will build a team of ESG experts specialized in projects related to:

  • product responsibility;
  • circular economy;
  • climate change risk assessment;
  • diversity and work ethics;
  • green offices and other CSR areas.

At the beginning of the process, we will help you define key stakeholders and conduct a stakeholder dialog to identify material ESG issues that are relevant for your company. We will set objectives and systems for managing and monitoring them.

We have cooperated with clients that have a strong global corporate responsibility strategy but lack the support and structure at a local level. If this sounds like you, we will be happy to provide you with high quality training sessions and advise you on how to properly set up corporate responsibility management at a local level.

Our services

Setting up CSR strategy and rules for managing responsibility towards

  • The environment (green offices, climate change adaptation, decarbonisation, environmental management, environmental policies)
  • Employees (promoting gender, age and other diversities at the workplace, employee training and engagement into building a sustainable corporate culture)
  • Clients (product responsibility, environmental and social innovations for service products, ethical marketing)
  • Suppliers (respecting human and work rights, due diligence, environmental supplier chain management, code of conduct for suppliers)
  • Business partners (ethics and business integrity, code of conduct, anti-corruption programmes)
  • Community (community investment and philanthropy based on B4SI methodology)

Implementing corporate social responsibility

  • Current situation analysis, for example with ESG Health Check tool developed by Mazars
  • Dialog with stakeholders to identify partners’ needs, gather information for decision-making and increase trust and transparency
  • Introducing international standard ISO 26000 Social Responsibility and other ISO standards
  • Design and implementation of partial programmes and initiatives in the area of ethics and business integrity, responsibility towards employees, suppliers and clients
  • CSR trainings for staff, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders

Responsible business report consulting and audit

Our services are performed in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, ISO 26000 standard and other regulations and solutions that will provide your business with a long-term support. Our approach to CSR is based on recent scientific research and our own studies.