Accounting Services

Accounting services we provide are: 

  • Initial set up of accounting records,
  • Managing general ledger, customers and suppliers sub-ledgers, fixed assets registry and related depreciation calculation, material accounting (warehouse and store records), production (work in progress, finished goods),
  • Preparation of documents, recording transactions and system data entry (such as incoming and outgoing invoices, bank statements),
  • Coordination of customer/supplier balances with customers/suppliers and related communication,
  • Calculation and preparation of VAT returns, CPT returns, withholding tax returns, special taxes and levies reports etc.,
  • Preparation and submission of statutory reports to governmental institutions (Tax Authorities, Croatian Pension fund, Croatian Health Insurance fund, Regos, Financial agency - FINA, Croatian National Bank, Hanfa etc.),
  • Processing of Internet payment orders and related data entry,
  • Additional support during Tax Administration's inspection (participation with the authorized representative of the client before the relevant tax and financial authorities, for the purpose of interpreting and explaining results of information from the services provided) and other inspections and audits

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