Mazarsov HSFI priručnik- stručna knjiga s konkretnim primjerima

Mazars s ponosom predstavlja svoju novu knjigu: 'Mazarsov HSFI priručnik'!
Autori knjige su Mazarsovi revizorski stručnjaci, a knjiga sadrži primjere i komentare na Hrvatske standarde financijskog izvještavanja te ima 252 stranice.

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MAZARS - Tax Advisor

Korice knjige
MAZARS - Tax Advisor, a new book by tax experts from the company Mazars Cinotti is finally out.

Carl Partner Mrs. Kristijan Cinotti released a new book, along with his associates. The theme of the book is related to the most important taxes and tax regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

We would like to emphasize the fact that the book has 608 pages on proper and legal application of tax regulations in order to minimize risk and achieve tax savings.

This book is, in the first place, written for CEOs, CFOs and other members of management team and accountants, as well as for all the other employees in charge for tax and accounting issues, professors and all those interested in taxes

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