Extraordinary tax measures in a view of the coronavirus outbreak

Following the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), the primary focus of employers these days are:

  • employees safety,
  • relationship with customers and suppliers,
  • strategy changes, and
  • analyses of a state measures used for mitigation of the outbreak’s negative effects.

The Government of the Republic of Croatia has made a series of proposals for economic measures with the primary objective of retaining jobs and preserving liquidity for entrepreneurs whose business activity has been reduced by the outbreak.

Extraordinary tax measures in view of the coronavirus outbreak

Hereby we summarize the tax measures published so far. Namely, tax measures should be adopted in the Croatian Parliament in the following days and also published in the Official Gazette, shortly after which they should come into force. There is a lot of information still pending regarding the scope of these measures and therefore, more details are expected through changes of the tax Rulebooks.

Incentives for preserving jobs 

CROATIAN EMPLOYMENT SERVICE ("HZZ") has announced details of a newly intorduced measure for a job preservation for an activities affected by Coronavirus (COVID - 19). Read more here

Details on deferral of tax payments and PAYEMENT OF tax debt in instalments

Following last week’s adoption of the amendments to General Tax Act, which introduced the possibility of deferring tax payment and / or instalment payment of tax debt in special circumstances, amendments to the General Tax Rulebook entered into force on 24th March 2020. Read more here

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