Little lighthouse

„It’s time for a change, and it has to start with us!“

We are looking for an employee, a hardworking man who contributes to his environment every day by respecting the principles of work and honesty.

Our goals

  • Encourage another perspective of thinking
  • To draw attention to all employees, regardless of their length of service and industry, who make a special effort in their daily work
  • Show that we value employees and true values
  • To reward at least one person who has touched others with his efforts

We believe in the importance of all people, both small and big. If they promote the values ​​of honesty and hard work in any way, their story deserves to be told! 


  •  because there is no reward large enough to cover the value of a good man and worker


  •  because like lighthouses they give us hope and show us the way 

Great people

  • because their modesty is proof of their greatness

Find out more about the rules of participation and all the necessary information to register your best employee for 2021 on the web.

Dodijeljena nagrada Mali svjetionik 2021.

Od 550 pristiglih prijava, stručna komisija je definirala Top 10 finalista, a javnost s preko 12.000 glasova odabrala je Najbolje radnike Hrvatske!

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