Join our teams

You don’t join Mazars by coincidence, you choose Mazars; a global school of excellence where you will be challenged to develop and grow. Because our people determine our success, not everyone makes the cut. Progression is tied to education, empowering you to match your career to your aspirations both within and outside our firm. With our track record of uninterrupted growth, our people play a central role in what Mazars and our clients do next. We expect your contribution and reward your ingenuity. Come and write the rest of (y)our story with us – you’ll make friends along the way too. Mazars, the smart choice.

School of excellence

  • We are a professional business school focusing on technical, leadership and tomorrow’s skills.
  • We provide a diversity of experiences: prestigious clients, variety of sectors and missions.
  • Employability is our key promise. We design individual career paths according to our people’s interests and needs, with rapid progression.
  • International experience is a must and which our people gain early in their career.

Friends for life

  • Our distinctive one-team approach: a human and truly international adventure.
  • An accessible management style, a permanent feedback and coaching culture.
  • A fun work environment. You stay connected, even long after you have left the company.
  • Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to test, fail and learn.
  • Multicultural, supra-generational, diverse.

The future of work

  • With our people, we pioneer new ways of working, caring for their psychological safety and development, providing flexibility and modern workspaces.
  • We foster innovation and creativity
  • Our people develop a true sense of purpose through solidarity, sustainability and serving the public interest.
  • Independence is one of our key values, and so we constantly remain open to new ideas.

Entrepreneurial DNA

  • At Mazars nothing is set in stone – our people can truly have a say and an impact, influencing the trajectory of our firm.
  • We put people before processes, empowering them to lead, innovate and be intra & entrepreneurs.
  • Our businesses are transforming: we focus on reskilling, upskilling, adaptive learning, mad skills
  • At Mazars if you come with an idea you can implement it.